Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Millennials are becoming the next generation to step into home ownership. This also means they are setting many of the trends with kitchen remodeling. There are actually more millennials than Baby Boomers today, which means they are in charge of many different consumer trends.

Many choices go into remodeling your home. If you’re a millennial, you may want to consider the trends below before you start your project.

Millennials Spend More

The National Kitchen & Bath Association has stated that millennials spend about 17.7% more on kitchen remodeling than the average amount of $19,155. This means, millennials are willing to spend about $22,508 to remodel their kitchen. Even if that’s more than you can afford, you don’t have to worry. There are many great remodeling ideas you can use to get the dream kitchen you want without such a steep price tag.

Choose Timeless Features

Millennials tend to choose timeless features, such as neutral colors and temporary accents. They prefer high-quality products, especially when it comes to the flooring, countertops, and cabinets. The goal of many millennials when they remodel their kitchen is to create a look that’s relevant today and won’t become outdated in just a few years.

When a millennial decides to start planning a kitchen remodel, they don’t want to update the kitchen again for several years. Often, they will choose timeless designs capable of lasting at least a decade, if not longer.

Adding an Island

An island is a must for most millennials. Since this is not just a place to prepare a meal, but also a place for entertaining, it fits right into the lifestyle of many millennials. There are several benefits gained from a kitchen island, such as more countertop space and increased storage.

When an island is properly designed, it will include hidden electrical outlets, use of the end cap for shelving or a cabinet, an extended countertop for additional seating, and potentially some contract. If your kitchen isn’t large enough for an island, you may be able to create a peninsula with similar benefits.

Quarts Trumps Granite

For the millennial, the granite countertops are out and quartz is in. Quartz provides more durability, lower maintenance, and tends to last longer. In addition, it’s very beautiful and provides many color/style options. Millennials may also go away from the normal when it comes to countertops with a budget block or one of the many laminate options.

Contemporary Designs

Millennials also choose more contemporary designs with plenty of white colors and farmhouse type of features. It’s about getting the feeling of home into the kitchen without cutting out the many perks and conveniences millennials desire.

Kitchen on Cherry Trail

When it comes to remodeling the kitchen, you have to choose the design best suited for you. These trends are the most common with the millennial generation, but that doesn’t make each one fit into your lifestyle or your current kitchen. Consider these options, but make sure you speak with a skilled kitchen remodeling specialist to find out which options work best for your current kitchen and your budget.


Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends