We partner with the top custom design centers across the Metro and then, bring it all together for you with a “one-stop shop” for all your design needs. With partners in both the West and North Metro, these showrooms make the design process easy.

You’ll be able to pick out your cabinets, lighting, knobs, counters, flooring, and appliances, allowing you to get a real feel for what your home will look like when it is finished.

Are you looking for a more customized design that fits within your budget? One of our design specialists can meet with you at your home to help pick out everything from paint color and tile backsplash to counter design and flooring, creating the perfect look for you.

Our team offers something that very few other remodeling companies offer. We offer our very own, in-house, Licensed Structural Engineer, Robbie. Robbie had several years of structural engineering experience, designing everything from water treatment plants to wind turbine farms, before starting at Home Building and Remodeling Experts. His experience and knowledge goes a long way when you are looking to tear down a wall, add a second story to your home, or build a cantilever deck. Most contractors will have to charge significantly more for an engineer to sign off on your project, whereas we have that service in-house.